15 April, 2017

Parle- ‘Naam Toh Suna hi Hoga’ IPL ad

Parle- ‘Naam Toh Suna hi Hoga’

In this 10th edition of IPL Parle is advertising heavily on brand building. Although Parle has a plethora of biscuits under its umbrella but people associate parle with Parle-G. To overcome this challenge Parle's agency Taproot Dentsu have created the campaign around this idea to showcase various parle biscuits ad associating these biscuits with the parent brand parle.

There are total 4 commercials till date

Ad 1 School principal calling the parents of a children and regretting that her son fought with other students in the school. In response in stead of regretting his son's mischieves she remarks that she is also surprised that the principal does not know that Parle makes both salty Monaco and sweet chocolaty happy happy. And the ad ends with Naam toh Suna hi hoga.

Ad 2 The friendzoned guy  with disbelief and surprise states that she loves another guy and in reply the girl answers that she is also surprised that the guy does not know that Parl makes crack jack and 

Ad 3 In the office Mr. Mukherjee blames that  something was not expected from Mr. Banerjee. in reply Mr. banerjee says he was also not expecting that he should know about various brands which are made by parle

Ad 4 about two socialites gossipping

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