17 July, 2017

CNBC-TV18 & The confusion regarding Telecom Minister.

@CNBCTV18Live The official twitter handle of  CNBC-TV18

Tweeted that Telecom Minister @rsprasad says Effective Tax rate under #GST will be 16%

at 2.03 pm on 17.07.2017

But within a couple of minutes deleted the tweet and rectified as

Tweeted that by rectifying the Minister name

Telecom Minister Says No Decision Yet On Merger Of & ; Effective Tax Rate Under GST Will Be 16%

14 July, 2017

WonderWoman Review

DC's Wonder Woman, starring Gal Gadot is a wonderful movie, just like the beautiful Gal.
Image courtesy Comic Vine - GameSpot

The Movie is about Diana aka Wonderwoman who was raised by the amazons on the hidden island of Themyscira. The Island was kept hidden by Zeus from the God of war Ares. The film shows constant battle between good and evil.

As a young woman in 1918, Diana rescues American pilot Captain Steve Trevor after his plane crashes off Themyscira's coast. The island is soon invaded by the landing party of a German cruiser pursuing Steve. The Amazons engage and kill all of the German sailors, but Antiope sacrifices herself to save Diana by intercepting a bullet meant for her. Interrogated with the Lasso of Hestia, Steve reveals that "The War to End All Wars" is raging in the outside world, and that he is an Allied spy. He has stolen a notebook with valuable information from the Spanish chief chemist Isabel Maru, who is attempting to engineer a deadlier form of mustard gasunder the orders of General Erich Ludendorff, from a weapons facility in the Ottoman Empire. Believing Ares is responsible for the war, Diana arms herself with the sword and leaves Themyscira with Steve to find and destroy Ares.

Sir Patrick appears, revealing himself as Ares and tells Diana that although he has subtly given humans ideas and inspirations, it is ultimately their decision to cause violence as they are inherently corrupt. He destroys the ceremonial sword, revealing Diana is the true "Godkiller" as she is Zeus' daughter, then tries to persuade her to help him destroy humankind to restore paradise on Earth. While the two battle and the rest of Steve's team destroy Maru's laboratory, Steve pilots the bomber carrying the gas to a safe altitude and detonates it, sacrificing himself in the process. Ares attempts to harness Diana's rage and grief at Steve's death by convincing her to kill Maru, but her memories of Steve cause her to decide that humans have good within them. She spares Maru and kills Ares.
In Trafalgar Square, the team celebrates the end of the war. 

The movie has some good scenes in Themyscira the hidden island. the little girl (wonderwoman) is so expressive that you will love those scenes. The action scenes in Themyscira are brilliant. Chemistry between Gal and Chris Pine is  a treat to watch.
Watch the trailer here
My Score- 7 out of 10.

21 April, 2017

Ajay Devgn the ad King in IPL.

For those who are a big fan of IPL, they must be witnessing the advertisement war between different brands. In one hand three Chinese phone makers are aggressively using the IPL platform to advertise their smartphones, They are title sponsor VIVO,  Oppo and Gionee endorsed by Ranveer Singh, Deepika Padukone and Alia Bhatt respectively.

 See Brands endoresed by Ranveer Singh & Alia Bhat Here

 Also  See Brands endoresed by Deepika Padukone Here

But brands endorsed by another actor has started dominating the IPL ad platform, he is none other than Shivaay: Ajay Devgn.

The brands endorsed by the versatile actor Ajay Devgn during this IPL 10 are as follows

VKC pride- In this ad Ajay Devgan is the Angy police inspector. He is getting complaints from people who have gone to pond for a bath or saali in shaadi that their shoes (chappals) has been stolen. He went to temple to seek blessings of God and his shoes are also stolen and it comes to notice that all the chappals are VKC Pride brand and he cheekily advises to be careful.
watch the VKC pride ad at

Amul Comfy- In this ad Ajay Devgn is accompanied by the talented actor Makrand Deshpande. 

The theme of the ad is a Ghost story, the ghost role has been played by Makrand Deshpande and Ajay Devgn is the cool man who has no fear and in the ad the secret he shares is Amul Comfy lamba tikegi.

Watch the ad here

Vimal Pan Masala among the three ads I like  the Vimal Pan Masala ad the most because of the coll music and its all India appeal from Kerala to Rajasthan, from north east to Kolkata, From Agra to Mumbai. In this advertisement Ajay Devgan has created a two finger salute with various people which seems very nice.

Bolo Zubaan Kesari

watch the ad here
 So which ad you liked most ?


15 April, 2017

Parle- ‘Naam Toh Suna hi Hoga’ IPL ad

Parle- ‘Naam Toh Suna hi Hoga’

In this 10th edition of IPL Parle is advertising heavily on brand building. Although Parle has a plethora of biscuits under its umbrella but people associate parle with Parle-G. To overcome this challenge Parle's agency Taproot Dentsu have created the campaign around this idea to showcase various parle biscuits ad associating these biscuits with the parent brand parle.

There are total 4 commercials till date

Ad 1 School principal calling the parents of a children and regretting that her son fought with other students in the school. In response in stead of regretting his son's mischieves she remarks that she is also surprised that the principal does not know that Parle makes both salty Monaco and sweet chocolaty happy happy. And the ad ends with Naam toh Suna hi hoga.

Ad 2 The friendzoned guy  with disbelief and surprise states that she loves another guy and in reply the girl answers that she is also surprised that the guy does not know that Parl makes crack jack and 

Ad 3 In the office Mr. Mukherjee blames that  something was not expected from Mr. Banerjee. in reply Mr. banerjee says he was also not expecting that he should know about various brands which are made by parle

Ad 4 about two socialites gossipping

MTNL 299 and 399 Broadband Plan Mumbai

MTNL 299 and 399 Broadband Plan Mumbai.

On 15 April 2017, MTNL Mumbai launched two attractive broadband plans. They are really attractive with reasonable price and unlimited data.

First Plan 299

This plan is a non-combo plan that means existing landline customers can avail this plan on their landline or else new customer who dont have a MTNL landline connection can take it by taking a landline connection first.
For list of MTNL Mumbai landline plans CLICK HERE

In this plan 299 customer can choose either 2 Mbps speed or 4 Mbps speed.

2 Mbps4 Mbps
15 GB10 GB

By selecting 2 Mbps plan he will get data of  15 GB 
and by selecting 4 Mbps speed one will get 10 GB data  

after these data are exhausted the fallback speed will be 1 Mbps.

Those customer who do not want to take a landline plan may opt for Combo 399 plan

In this plan all the data offer remains same and the customer will get additional landline without any extra rental.

2 Mbps4 Mbps
15 GB10 GB

The upload speed is 768 Kbps upto FUP data, after FUP is exhausted the speed will be 512 Kbps.

you can see the details at 

Remember that this is a promotional offer for 90 days with effect from 15-04-2017

12 April, 2017

Durex Jeans ad- Ranveer Singh & Sobhita Dhulipala

On 22nd march Ranveer Singh tweeted this
Durex is launching Jeans! Designed for the passionate! Fits well ;)

Even in some of the magazine and newspaper articles Durex India team informed that Durex is launching a new jeans brand. It seemed a good brand extension into a new product lie and the urban youth was looking forward to some  cool jeans from the contraceptive giant.

On 24 th march 2017 Ranveer Singh tweeted about the launch with the following tweet
Pocket mein Rocket 🚀

and it came out as its a new pack of condom not the jeans.

In the advertisement Ranveer Singh is being seen as in the house testing various furnitures, bathtubs and even the roof top very animatedly.

The Door rangs and there is super hot girl( ex miss India Sobhita Dhulipala) in a low waist torn jeans and short black top collecting her makeup materials and durex jeans condoms lying on the floor.

The voiceover says India's slimmest pack, now fits in very pocket.

Read about tagline of various condom brands Click here
There eyes meet and Ranveer helps Sobhitha in picking up the materials and rest is on your imagination

You can watch the ad here

#DurexJeans #DurexCondoms #SlimmestPack

IPL 10 advertisements : brand endorsed by Deepika Padukone

Brand endorsed by  Deepika Padukone which are having a mark in IPL 10.

In this tenth edition of Indian Premier League (IPL) Deepika Padukone one of the Bollywood's highest paid actress is not far behind in this IPL advertisement season. In this edition where most of the ad slots have been sold before hand where his rumored partner Ranveer Singh and the young versatile actress Alia Bhatt is dominating the advertisement air time, But Deepika Padukone is also having her formidable ad slots with two big names Oppo and Goibibo.

See list of  Alia Bhatt and Ranveer Singh's ad this IPL

Oppo mobile is in a fierce battle with its compatriot brand Vivo, these two brand are fighting fiercely to woo the Indian consumer. Both these brands are focusing on the superior selfie feature of the phone. While IPL title sponsor VIVO has Ranveer Singh to promote its smartphone, Oppo has roped in Beautiful Deepika Padukone to promote its smartphone where she is taking selfie with a bunch of friends with its dual front cameras.

On the other ad Deepika is promoting goibibo and how adding one's contacts list one can get the benefits of gocash for every bookings by the friends.