02 November, 2017

Current Telecom Scenario & Save Rcom employees An Social Media Appeal.

So after the onset of Jio and its aggressive offer, consumers are very happy with all the free data free calls. But one class is in deep trouble that is competition.

Bigger and financially strong competition with strong FII backing and with MNC funding Airtel  Vodafone and Idea are withstanding the onslaught and matching tariff in bits and corners.

Government operator BSNL and MTNL are in loss and somehow there in the fray. Amongst them MTNLs condition is worse. Its losses are mounting, revenues stagnant. BSNL on the other hand with its vast and remote presence adding marginal revenues.

But other telcos like Reliance Communication, Aircel, Tata Docomo are in deep trouble, they are on the verge of closure of their consumer mobile business which will result in two things
1- Consumers,
2. Employees

1. Customers- In India there is Mobile Number Portability Now hence consumers will retain their existing number and will migrate to any of these players. like Jio, BSNL/MTNL, Airtel etc. But Customers will prefer BSNL/MTNL as its an government service provider and more chance of stability.

2. Employees- Employees of these telcos are on the verge of losing their jobs, they are trying to gather support from all the corner possible to hear their plea. In Twitter and facebook  a lot of tweets and posts are being posted by 5000 employees who were asked to resign by 30 Novemebr 2017. They are asked to give personal reason for resignation with just one months salary as compensation.

I have tried to compile some of these tweets and posts without showing their twitter handle or post. Have a look and do your bit for friends who are losing their jobs and not getting proper compensation.

Sample this tweet

What you all expect as an employee on festival season ??? Gift Bonus Increment Promotion OR Resignation???????

Whole family is dependant on us
What about our families..Who 100% depended on us
We need ur support about shut down of reliance, its the question about life of 5000 reliance employees


Most tweets and posts were about its not about losing a job, its the family who are in trouble because the whole family depends on the persons salary for education, food, EMI for home vehicle etc.

Also Lot of tweets and posts were there for media, politicians, industrialists, actors but no one responded to those requests in their social media channels. see some sample tweets


Replying to  

But none of them bothered to reply to the plight of these 5000 rcom employees.

This image of a young children of an Reliance Communication employee says it all. This is an appeal to Prime Minister to look into the matter and request to give proper compensation to hard working employees of R Com.

I hope and pray some logical action and decision will be taken by government in this regard and help the 5000 employees of RCOM who are being forced to resign.

24 October, 2017

A Bold phone brand preaching Phone-Life Balance.

A phone brand preaching Phone Life Balance.

In this age of smartphone Motorola has come up with a brilliant campaign. Phone Life Balance. They have created an interactive website


There are some easy questions with multiple choice answers. Check a sample question
like which would be easier to stay away from for one week.

Or this like how many hours a day is within your arm's reach ?
  Image courtesy https://phonelifebalance.motorola.com/

On the basis of the 10 question the website will categorize you into 5 category, Phonosapien, mindfully mobile, phone-prone, phonophile and phonatic

And based on your profile the website will show some tips what are the hazards of being in that category and how to overcome those for a better work-life errrrrrr phone-life balance

I checked mine and trying for better phone-life balance, do try at https://phonelifebalance.motorola.com/

Watch how people re immersed in the phone that they are oblivious to the happenings in the surroundings.

23 October, 2017

Transgenders : Will you Look them the traditional way ?

Real Empowerment comes through equality. In our society Transgenders are always treated differently. Till now most of us have viewed transgenders who ask for money in trains, or working as sex workers who stands in dark roads, highways etc. They are called in different derogatory names like chakka, queers, eunuch etc.

But as a society we are progressing, if  we look at some recent events then some are trying to break that perception about transgenders.

26-year-old French model Ines Rau has made history as Playboy’s first transgender playmate. She will pose in the November/December 2017 issue in the centrefold. Caroline “Tula” Cossey another transgender has also featured in PlayBoy.

In India recently in KIIT university Transgenders walk the ramp  in Kritarth 2017 a very first in an Indian university. KIIT university is in Bhubaneswar,  Odisha.

Nepali model Anjali Lama another transgender has  walked the catwalk at Lakme Fashion Week in Mumbai, in February 2017

Dressed as Bollywood stars, transgenders walk the ramp in Delhi

In May 2017, Kochi Metro Rail Ltd,  gave appointment to 23 transgender people in different positions.

So time has come how to look at transgenders. They should be treated like any other individual. 

Simran ( Story of a free spirited girl) Film Review.

Simran (2017)

Director- Hansal Mehta

Star Cast- Kangana Ranaut (lead role)

Watch the trailer in Youtube and you will find a gist about the movie. This is a story about a Gujju girl living in US, early marriage against parents will and then the divorce. A casual trip to Las Vegas changed the whole life of Praful (Kangna Ranaut) to see what happens next you have to watch the movie.

You should watch the movie forKangana's acting skills. After her Haryanvi accent in Tanu weds Manu returns, She has perfomed impeccable Gujrati accent in Simran. The supporting cast there justifying their presence in every opportunity.

My score 6.5 out of 10 for Simran, One time watch

You can Watch it in amazon Prime

20 October, 2017

Deluge of diwali wishes in whatsapp Like a BOT

So Diwali is over, along with the our taste bud for sweets. 

But one thing is remaining thats loads of whatsapp wishes in past day. Personally this beat new year christmas and all the festivals hands down. I have received hundreds of whats app Diwali wishes  from friends, relatives, colleagues, unknown numbers and tom, dick and harry.

Today curiously while writing this blog searched for Happy diwali and all the images search. I have received everyone of them in my whats app  and many many more.

 image courtesy (Google search for Happy Diwali)

But now the big headache is how to read them and delete them. My gallery is kind of short of space with those delude (kidding)  I have tried to reply them  as much as possible and they kept on coming till late night. So a time came when I stopped bothering to reply them.

Today I found some interesting messages to those delude of wishes. Just have a look.
शुभकमनायें तो इतनी मिल रही हैं कि 1% भी लग जायें तो अंबानी भी हमारा द्वारपाल बन जाये !!

Which means if 1 % of the wishes come true I can keep the richest man as my doorman.
 Another one
भाई कल दो बंदे चाहिए..
दिहाड़ी पे
दीवाली  वाले मैसेज डिलीट करने है...

which reads as i need two man on daily wage basis for deleting my whatsapp messages.

Hope you have  a lesser number of Dipavali wishes. if not best of luck and wishing you all a Happy Diwali. And wishing that next year onwards instead of posting and sending festive wishes like a BoT we could add some human touch.

Buy Festive greeting cards from charitable organisation like CRY, UNISEF

17 October, 2017

Film I watched in October 2017

This week I watched some Good movies. This blog is a review of those movies.

I watched Seven Years in Tibet-
At a time of Chinas aggression and the growing intolerance everywhere this movie was a eye opener. Instead of hyper ego abandoning the ego and the compassion will leads to lifes pleasure. The movie based on a true story. The movies locations are a sight to behold.

One of the line said by Lhakpa Tsamchoe ( Pema Laki) when Heinrich Harrer (Bradd pitt) says that he has climbed so many mountain and olympic medal winner is so apt in this day of aggression

Then this is another great difference between our civilization and yours.
You admire the man, who pushes his way to the top in any walk of life,
while we admire the man who abandons his ego.

The average Tibetan wouldn't think to thrust himself forward this way.

Even when Brad Pitt is constructing a cinema theatre for Dalai Lama, the average Tibetans are afraid of killing the earthworms while digging, this shows their compassion.

Watch this movie for beautiful location, human bonding and compassion. How compassion and forgiveness leads to happiness.

My score 7 out of 10 for Seven Years in Tibet
You can Watch it in amazon Prime

The next movie I watched was Daddy ( of Arjun Rampal) Daddy is based on the life of alleged gangster  Arun Gawli. This movie is a journey of How he become a petty criminal to an MLA to convicted for life. 

Watch this movie for beautiful cinematography, the Old Bombay well depicted and the powerful acting of Arjun Rampal and the support crew. 

My score 7 out of 10 for Daddy
You can Watch it in amazon Prime

The Judge ( Robert Downey Jr.) was another movie where the father son bonding is shown beautifully. The already deteriorated relationship in family, a successful career in law in a big city, the ever so old town and left out siblings all find a place in this beautiful movie

watch the movie for some bonding with your family, smart one liners in between and the charm of living in your old place.

My score 7.5 out of 10 for The Judge
You can Watch it in amazon Prime

16 October, 2017

The confusion Online or offline. #CleanUpCashOut

At this fast changing ever dynamic the smartphones are being upgraded more than teens changing their partner. Its easy to stick with a bad partner than to stick to an older version (may i call it obsolete) smartphone.

When there is a breakup, the partners return the important gifts, deletes the number (janu. Swty, shona) deletes those messages in the phone, delete those photos posted in facebook, insta etc to move on. But when we buy a new phone or upgrade to a new phone the process is not as easy the other one. First the phone has so many data from contacts, to your gallery to some important text. Although technology enables to migrate those data and loads of pictures and videos to your new device but the person who actually do so know the difficulty and how many important things does not reach the new device.

Now assume all these process is over the factory reset done the challenge is how to sale the phone. None of our friends will buy the old phone not even those distant cousins who are studying in colleges want to take the obsolete phone for free.

So the mission "Sell The Phone" starts.

First choice- The online store

 Your preferred online store where you want to purchase the new phone by exchanging the old phone. You thought you will get a decent exchange value and the new phone will not burnt a hole in your pocket. You choose the exchange option select the brand name then the model and in some micro seconds it will show the value you are waiting for. Congratulations Rs.1800 exchange value for the phone which you have purchased for Rs.18999 just a year or so ago. You are highly disheartened and bought the phone without exchanging your old phone thought he no cost EMI option. Nor we are to busy with your new phone and your old phone is lying somewhere in the drawer in your home. One fine day while doing Swachhta Hi Seva in your home after your moms reprimands you found your old good phone in the drawer besides some pen drives, the MP3 player, so may ear phones, a bluetooth speaker (which your ex has gifted) and more and more. Now you finally decide to take some effort to sell that phone.....

Second choice- Go offline

After discovering the huge price in the online segment you choose the offline mode and went to the local mobile shops whose sign board reads as We Buy Old Phones. You go with your old phone , old charger with a hope that you will get a good price. The shopkeeper asks you for the reason for the visit and as soon as you show your old phone, he asks you to wait and keep himself busy in showing the customer new handsets. He shows the handsets orders tea for that customer and himself with the hope that you will get bored and go away. But you are a different breed who has vowed to sell the phone. So you wait and wait and when the shopkeeper gives you an audience the golden words flows. The typical Baniya says " Aajkal  purana phone kaun kharidta hai ?" "Sabko naya phone chahiye" which read as who buys an old phone now a days everyone buys new phone. You try to convince him that its a good phone good camera, battery good back up all those stuff. He seems a little interested. You have a glimmer of home. You are wishing "just tell the price ' and he with his pauses and baniya style says "Iska 1200 Milega." You cant believe what you just heard Was it 12000 or 1200 ? You asks again WHATTTTT ? He says 1200. Your heart breaks that you heard it right. Now you describes the technical details like proceessor, internal memory , graphics for a better price. He says final price 1500. You just realised in online you are actually getting more (rs.1800) for exchange. You says all the MC BC to the shopkeeper on your head and returned back.
Image source (alamy stock photo)

Final Choice- Go Cashify

With Cashify you can get best price for Your Device, Select your device & cashify  will help you unlock the best selling price based on the present conditions of your gadget & the current market price.You can Schedule a Free Pickup, On accepting the price offered for your device, Cashify arrange a free pick up, so no need to go to that baniya shop
Get Paid Instantly, Instant Cash will be handed over to you at time of pickup or through payment mode of your choice. How easy is that !!! besides your  smartphone you can sell your old Laptop, Tablet, TV. Imac and Gaming Consoles in Cashify

Image source (cashify website)

Watch the funny ad how Gabbar sold his old gadgets in Cashify and get the best value for his old gadgets.

Use the code CLEANCASH and you will get an additional Rs.250 on the sale of your old gadgets. Its time to #CleanUpCashOut