17 September, 2017

Thoda Push karo : For Life.

In our busy life we neglect The most important thing. i.e Our health. So this article is about how we can take time and make the most of out of it during that busy schedule for taking care of our health and lead a healthy and active lifestyle.

When we were children life was quite simple. School was 10-4. after that play for two hours. then prayer, study, dinner and early to bed. But todays life is far cry from that idealistic past. Now office time is 9-7 include the commute time with the traffic it becomes 8 am in the morning to-8.30 pm in the evening. 

I can remember as a child we could eat whatever we wish with whatever the quantity  and there was never an indigestion, acidity or what nots. But now these are common occurrences every alternate day. 

See the pictorial representation about  the changed activity. How much we were active in our childhood days and what have changed !!!

So is it possible us to lead life as before ?  If we ask our boss he/she clearly wont agree to our proposals. If we ask our collegaues and friends they will say "Paagal ho gaya kya ? naukri nehi karni ?" If we ask ourselves we get the same answer.

So should we continue to ignore our health for that dream !!!

Clearly not, if we do  #ApneTareekeSeHealthy in that busy schedule. Just watch this interesting video from saffola about  #ApneTareekeSeHealthy.  Thoda Push karo......

So besides the various activity shown in the video like avoiding junk food whenever possible, to have a active life by pursuing family time in swimming cycling etc we can be active in some other ways.

Pick a sport/Hobby--- As a kid I loved to play badminton ( just street badminton with no net) But now We have formed a group in our housing society who loves to play that game. And when there is a group there comes competitiveness and our annual tournaments push us to play and give our best. Now we see that without alarm we get up to play the match. So you can choose the activity/sports you like most and with like minded people you can form a group so that the little push will come automatically.

Group outing and activities- As a group we have started a new activity in our housing society, every Saturday and Sunday morning we will go to a nearby places for physical activity. In a city like Mumbai its difficult to get an open place but there are some gem of place like Aarey colony, Borivali National Park, hanging garden Juhu beach, Aksa beach etc where one can do jogging, running, yoga, games etc and when there is a group the push comes automatically.

This is my effort to stay healthy in the busy and hectic schedule. Hope you will push yourself little more for the most precious thing "HEALTH"

 I am joining Saffola #ApneTareekeSeHealthy initiative and sharing my ways of being healthy in association with BlogAdda.

10 September, 2017

Some Memory, Never fade away.

 Helen Keller once said "So long as the memory of certain beloved  lives in my heart, I shall say that life is good."  I have lost my grandparents at an early age. Although I was a 10 year boy at that time I have some vivid memories with my grandparents. How I used to go to pond for long baths with my grandfather how he taught me swimming how we went to the local market on cycle to buy various things runs in front of my eyes.

At that time there was not a camera or a camera phone to capture those moments nor the social media to share our times but still I believe that those things we did at that time will remain in our memory forever.

Bathing at the village pond for hours and catching fish.- Like any other village the village pond used to be a little away. We went there sitting on m grandfathers bicycle. Those rides seems a luxury now. I still remember as soon as we see the pond we will jump from the cycle and run to the pond. Grandpa with his strict look try to restrict our timing but with our request he always agrees. while bathing we had another activity to do that is to catch fish with towels. Me and grandpa will hold the towel from both ends and will drag the towel to the shore and catch fish. We used to catch fish quite an amount that will be sufficient for the lunch. 

Fish fry of grandma- After reaching home the first thing will be grandmas complaint why we were so late and who asked us to fish. She will be quite angry that we might catch cold but after seeing our enthusiasm about how we caught fish she will clean them and fry for us to serve them during lunch.

Listening stories from them- Although my grandparents had not studied at all but they knew a lot about history and mythology. After dinner my grand parents told me various stories from past and mythology,.Those stories were so beautifully told that I can still visualise them even now.

Going to fairs during festivities- Makar Sankranti and Durga Puja were the two biggest festival in my grandparents village and nearby areas. We went to the village fair to buy toys and balloons, eat snacks and is another memory which is still clearly visible.

I wish I can relive those moments once again and spend those times again with my grandparents. But they are no more with us. But I know wherever they are they are happy and their blessings will be always with us. The simplicity and pureness of their heart is hard thing to find now a days.The unconditional love which they have given us will be cherished forever and the memory will never fade away till the last breath...............

watch this wonderful video about Lovejatao....

 I look forward to hear from you how would you celebrate Grandparents Day. Do share a selfie with your grandparents on Sept. 10, 2017 on Twitter or Facebook with #LoveJatao & tag @blogadda to win a goodie from Parachute Advansed.

28 August, 2017

Amal Film Review

Amal is a film directed by the film is based on the life of a auto rickshaw driver  on New Delhi and his goodness.  

Sometimes he is so good that it's hard to believe that.  I guess director tried to convey the same message.  Amal is too shy throughout the film. I don't know whether it's directors instruction or the fear.  Naseruddin Shah as always powerful and impact full acting in the short screen time.

Watch the trailer of Amal

Overall good film with good script. The supporting cast brilliant.  Sometimes the movie is little slow.
My overall rating.  5.5 out of 10.

Watch a scene from film Amal

You can watch the Film Amal in Amazon Prime.

22 August, 2017

Movie Review Mrs. Scooter.

Mrs Scooter Review.

Director- Shiladitya Moulik

Actors- Anjali Patil ( Aashima)
Satykam Anand (Manu)

Watch the trailer

The director tries hard to make a comparision with the life of the actress with that of the scooter. to a certain extent he has been successful in this comparison. For example when it first rained 

The acting by Anjali Patil is just awesome. She is so natural in different scenes conveying different moods from romantic scenes, to lighter one for the colourful dresses to the widowed dresses. she has killed it in all those moments.

The vegetable vendor Satyakam Anand (Manu) has been brilliant in this movie.

Madhu Kandhari Rajesh as Sheila Bhabhi has done justice to her role, The lady who wants to use English although wrong at each and every sentence. Protecting Aashima from his husbands eyes helping Aashima in giving works she acted beautifully.

The music with some god lyrics makes the movie so likable.
There is superb acting by various artists. Nothing over the top. One time watch. 

My Rating of the Film 6.8 out of 10
Watch the film on Amazon prime.

You can become an amazon prime member by paying Rs. 499/year.

Uber #ApniHiGaadi

Uber has its latest campaign on the theme #ApniHiGaadi

The crux of the ad is just consider Uber as your own car. The way you want it. If you want it at 02 am it will be there. You are late from a party it will be there to  pick you up[. It will be there to pick you up from the airport. Even if you need it for your grocery it will be there.

If you want the music to be loud its for you, if you want silence its for you. 
Watch the ad 

With this campaign Uber is showcasing the emotional attachment of people with Uber. Those people who are facing a lot of problem with taxis and autos find the campaign a fresh change. the scene where the driver drives slowly when a pregnant lady is riding a good one. One can relate with the sympathy of the driver.

Overall the campaign is very nice with nice music and a good script.

One can say finally Uber is Your car. Your way. Say hello to your very own Uber #ApniHiGaadi

09 August, 2017

Trapped Film Review (2017)

An Brave attempt for an out of the Box Film

Star Cast
Shaurya (Rajkumar Rao)
Noorie (Geetanajali Thapa)
Director: Vikramaditya Motwane

Shaurya (Rajkumar Rao)  accidentally trapped inside his new house in an litigated high-rise Swarg which is uninhabited, Will he be able to get out of the Apartment, will someone help Or he will be trapped for life ? This constant struggle will keep one in toes throughout the movie.

But some scenes are difficult to digest like for the drop of water he is ready to drink it from the commode, even to the extreme he drank his urine but he could not go to the kitchen where water comes in the morning but there is a mouse. 

watch the trailer

But all in all its a edgy movie with fast pace and in between some scenes from the past in a dreamy sketch with Shaurya and Noorie (Geetanajali Thapa)

Watch the full movie on Amazon Prime.

My Rating 6 out of 10

03 August, 2017

Step into Koovs Advertisement

Koovs TV ad featuring Diva and
Koovs has a very unique ad where the models changing their dresses ( very aptly stepping into the dresses) and chasing each other with a nice background music.

Lot of you must be wondering who the gorgeous model is and whats the music in the background. Ok.....

The Female model is none other than very hot Diva Dhawan

and the male model is Recee Bahia

The song in the background is- Son of Kick - Hours (Ft. Lady Leshurr & Paigey Cakey)

Watch the koovs ad here