29 December, 2012

CEAT Tyres- Kahan Rukna Hai Pata Hai.

CEAT Tyres recently started its new campaign Kahan Rukna Hai Pata Hai.
The RPG Group has taken a 360 degree approach to it.
You can see the TV ads very frequently with the message kahanruknahaipatahai
Even a website has been created for this purpose http://kahanruknahaipatahai.com which u will find quite engaging even the facebook page of the same name depicts the same engaging.

with Social issues like Ragging, Dowry, Corruption, Drunk driving, child Abuse, Eve-teasing which are affecting the existence of society, This ad is bang on the point.
Following are the images taken from social media of the brand.

While other brands use a very sophisticated tagline depicting the usefulness to the consumer like tread any where,your journey our passion, But most of the tyre ads are based on the premise of Firm Control like Total control. For more such taglines go to 

But does the ad which shows the powerful grips of CEAT Tyres with lines kahan rukna hai pata hai catch the imagination of the car users ? Only time will tell.

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